Ikitelli Business Center Istanbul

Ikitelli is an existing neighbourhood on the European side of Istanbul with a major urban renewal project in a vast valley with many outdated businesses.
In the meantime, the Olympic Stadium and one of the largest hospitals in Turkey have already been established here. In addition, the first residential areas have been realized and a large recreational area is being constructed. In time, around 1 million residents will be housed here.

The Ikitelli Business Center has set out the redevelopment of an existing business park of approximately 12,000 m2 along the edge road of the valley. The location is largely on a slope.
On the valley’s side, a striking tower of approx. 110 meters emerges consisting of offices and apartments with a view over the valley. A hotel tower of approximately 80 meters is located on the high side along the road. A shopping center is planned at the level of the road with a spacious roof terrace, fitness / wellness areas and a restaurant between the 2 towers.
A lot of attention has been paid to the light entering the lower 8 levels where, largely underground in the slope, a conference center and parking facilities have been made.

The Ikitelli Business Center is approximately 88,000 m2 and facilitates a considerable part of the utilities for the new neighbourhood, but also characterizes the area by giving it a striking distinctive landmark in the rapidly developing dynamic environment.

Da Vinci Vastgoed has developed this assignment as a turnkey project entirely in-house in collaboration with a Turkish partner.