New construction PLUS Distribution Center reaches highest point

  • Press release PLUS
  • Design and project management Da Vinci Vastgoed
  • Architect Dik Verhaar

The construction of the new mechanized distribution center of PLUS in Oss is progressing well. This week the project was crowned by reaching the highest point of the property.

New construction PLUS Distribution Center reaches highest point

Nieuwbouw Plus distributiecentrum bereikt hoogste punt

To reach the highest point, just over 29 meters, a solid foundation had to be laid. Last week the last foundation beams and foundations were poured. In addition, the sewerage system has now been completed and hollow wall elements have been installed on the foundation strips, revealing the contours of the distribution center, the construction of which started four months ago.

Breeam Excellent DC

PLUS also chooses to build a sustainable distribution center. For example, it was decided to use the Breeam method, which tests on nine sustainability aspects. Choices in sustainability are reflected in, among other things, the use of materials, heat recovery and water management. For example, heat pumps, energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, sustainable materials such as FSC wood are used and thousands of infiltration crates in the ground ensure good water storage. The new distribution center thus complies with the Breeam Excellent energy label.

Mechanization process will start in mid-2021

Now that most of the steel construction has been completed, work will be carried out in the coming months on making the distribution center wind and watertight. The first roof plates will be installed for this from next week. Work on the mechanization will start in the middle of next year. The new, mechanized distribution center can be put into use at the end of next year or early 2023.

PLUS: 400,000 packages per day

The new PLUS Distribution Center at the Vorstengrafdonk logistics business park in Oss is situated on 9.3 hectares of land and measures over 46,000 square meters. The building has 92 loading and unloading doors and a production capacity of 400,000 packages per day. All 272 PLUS supermarkets in the Netherlands will be supplied from this new distribution center. The arrival of the DC is expected to provide employment for 300 to 350 employees.